Choosing Wine for Midsummer -
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Choosing Wine for Midsummer

Choosing wine for Midsummer can be a delightful task, as the Midsummer table often consists of a variety of flavors, from herring and salmon to new potatoes and strawberries. Here are some wine rec...
Classic Mimosa Drink Recipe -

Classic Mimosa Drink Recipe

A classic mimosa drink is a simple yet elegant cocktail that's perfect as welcome drink, for brunch or any celebratory occasion.Here’s how to make it: Ingredients: 1 part orange juice (preferabl...
The History of Swedish Midsummer -

The History of Swedish Midsummer

Swedish Midsummer, or "Midsommar," is one of the most cherished and traditional celebrations in Sweden, deeply rooted in the country's history and cultural heritage. The origins of Midsummer date b...

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