The idea behind Corkframes is based on a great interest in champagne and wine. After each bottle we tested together, we realized that it would be more fun to do something with the corks than to just throw them away or put them in a drawer.

You have probably seen others who have corks lying around, in a glass bowl or in a drawer somewhere, waiting for a good place to place them. Each cork has a memory and is a reminder of a special occasion. Maybe from your wedding or the cork from that nice bottle of champagne you got as a 40th birthday present. Whatever memory you associate with that cork, it (mostly) deserves a real home, which is why we created Corkframes! So just pop a bottle and let the cork fall neatly into the side of your handmade Corkframe.

Each Corkframe is unique and handmade from untreated Swedish steel, with real glass in our own workshop in the heart of Sweden. An interior detail that both saves memories and pops up life. A fun tip is to write something on the corks before you put them in your Corkframe, to preserve the memory of the aroma and taste moment.

The basic idea of ​​corkboards has existed since the 1970s in various forms and guises. We have been inspired by many before arriving at our refined and minimalist Corkframe.

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Pop It, Drink It, Frame It

/Tobias Knutsson
CEO & Co-Founder @corkframes

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